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I've missed you.

22.08.00Tentang Cinta

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I've missed you.
I heard that you're in a relationship now.
Hope that makes you happy.
'Cause maybe that's all that matters.
Your happiness.
'Cause I've failed.
Failed to put smiles on your face.
To make you laugh.
To make you enjoy the times that were spent with me.
Though I tried. :)
You know I did.
Maybe not hard enough.

I've missed you dear.
Missed your giggles,
cause that's what I remember about you.
Missed your jokes,
cause that's how I want to remember you.
missed your singing,
not that you're a good singer. :D

Having conversations with you was never dull.
You always had something to talk about.
Going traveling with you was always fun.
We always found ways to kill time.

Oh, I've missed you. :)
But now,
you're with someone else.
I wish you happiness.
'Cause that's what you gave me.
Back then.

farid ardian
Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 6:02pm

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